Sunday, August 17, 2008

Template Updated


The template had following bugs in it :

1) Search Form was not working.

2) Read more option was not working.

I have updated the template and all is working fine now !

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vista84 Blogger Template By Gagan


Demo Site Here | Download Here

Vista84 is an excellent blue coloured Blogger Template designed by Gagan of

I am not a professional that is why it took me more than 2 weeks to design it.

Features Already Included In this template :

1) 3 Column Template

2) Built-in Search box : You have to edit your template to run your search engine.

Just search for div id='navbarright' and change the code from action=' to form action='your blog url/search

3) Paging Option : In wordpress there is an option to search pages directly. This feature is added in this template by default.

You may be wondering that why Paging is not visible here, that is because this blog does not have more than 5 posts.

4) Read more option : Expandable Posts already included. To make it work all you have to do is :

Type your summary here
<span id="fullpost">
Type rest of the post here

Goto Settings->Formatting and at the bottom, you will find the text box provided to specify the "Post template". Copy/paste these lines into that text box and save the settings. (Please DON'T type these lines yourself because you might introduce some spaces that will break the functionality)

5) Blog Title & Post Title Swap : Blog title and post title has been already swapped for better SEO.

6) 2 Page Elements under blog posts for new and attractive magazine style look have been added.

I am sure you will surely like this template.

Note : If you want to use this blogger template you are most welcome, in return I want is that please do not remove the credits from the footer.

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